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Why I love what I do…

Hello! My name is Stacey Standal and I’ve been a self-proclaimed STYLIST for most of my life. I have been painting things and rearranging furniture for as long as I can remember. It started with Barbies. I didn’t own a fancy store-bought Barbie house, I built mine myself and made them bigger and better every time I played. I could do wonders with Kleenex boxes and wash cloths! Playing Barbies usually created jealousy in my cousins because of my more elaborately designed Barbie condos, LOL! I didn’t know it was a contest, but for me, I couldn’t help it. It was never about playing with the dolls; it was always about setting up the house.

When I got married at 19, (yep, true story) we didn’t have much of anything. I had to be very creative in my nest making. I worked with what I had; what I could find; and what was given to us. My goal was to make my house warm and comfortable for my family. When my hubby and kiddos walked through the door, my hope was that they could leave all their cares outside. My style has changed, thank goodness emerald green carpet is gone with the 90’s, but my goal is the same: Home is our space that tells OUR story.

I love the challenge of making spaces work. Tweaking the furniture, editing items and adding a few current pieces is often all it takes to breathe new life into a room. Sometimes fresh wall color and trendy soft goods (comforter, pillows, throws) is all it takes.

I like to try new things, but I have a passion for treasured vintage pieces. My favorite style is incorporating both: the shiny new along with the classic favorites. I’ve honed my skills and learned to trust my instincts. When working with clients we always start with what they LOVE in any room. If you throw everything out and buy all new, it might look pretty but it won’t feel like home. I start with what you already cherish; those important pieces that are meaningful to you.

Even when I stage homes, I use a variety of vintage and new pieces. It helps buyers connect and feel

’at home’.


Why do I love what I do? Because I help people fall in love with HOME again! I get to help people create cozy spaces they are proud of, want to share with others and never want to leave.


Whether you have one room or a whole house that is keeping you up at night,

give me a call and let’s set up a consult.

Staging and Styling